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WaterDance 1 Testimonials

Don’t hesitate – jump in!

This class is a must for those who love to support the freedom and play, along with advancing with thier clients. Minakshi is a very creative, supportive and very personable instructor, taking time to assist your learning the subtle body mechanics for physical releasing, relaxing and ultimately dancing the body into Joy!

My experiences with Minakshi have always been especially thought-provoking and profound. This class was no exception. I swam away with a very clear sense of my personal strengths. So far, every session I’ve given since finishing the class has been full of grace and ease and my clients are commenting on the “new” moves I have added. Little do they know that the moves are the same, but the spaciousness and intuitiveness from which they begin has been magnified.

Its a wonderful beginning to the underwater dynamics of our work!

Water Dance is a wonderful experience to receive and also to give. I have been doing watsu for 8 years and was very ready to move into this work. Can’t wait to go have and try it on my clients!
Minakshi is a great instructor. She is clear with her information and feedback. The facility in the Florida Keys is fantastic. One not to be missed, the perfect environment to learn this work.

It was a great experience. It was challenging for me personally because of the ‘material floated to the surface’ but Minakshi’s style perfectly matches what I need. She is very strong and solid but also very considerate. She pays attention to the energy of the group and the individuals, and it’s just a treat to watch the ease and grace with which she waterdances AND teaches. Mary provided great support to her and in my opinion, they complemented each other very well.

Minakshi is a very well organized teacher: she is able to present the material clearly with feeling and professionalism.
Minakshi is a student of her work… she os always open to learn from life and her students.
I found the course wonderful

WaterDance 2 Testimonials

DSCF6102Minakshi is perfect Teacher, creates diligent, safe and friendly atmosphere. All her body says:”You will learn it:)”. She respects all her Teachers and always find time to tell us some episodes of “How it was created”. technical and spiritual part were as In/Jan, in harmony.
Davida is a good listener and open to any call of “lost student”.
Don’t be proud to repeat it:)

I found it really fun, useful and dynamic! I’m looking forward to Waterdance 3!

WaterDance 3 Testimonials

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Vigorous, practical, passionate – a key-course into our Creativity. It shows us how to have far more power and balance in our lives by focusing the light of awareness on all of the many aspects of who we are, including what we have feared and rejected.