Watsu Certification

Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Association
(WABA) Certification Program

WABA oversees the instruction and practice of WATSU®, WaterDancing®, Aquatic Shiatsu, and other aquatic bodywork classes.  If you wish to have your courses credited (50 hours for each level) towards the admission to more advanced courses, you must register as a student with WABA.

At Watsu® I, you may purchase for $30 the book Watsu® Freeing the Body in Water.  You should download the WABA logbook to record practice sessions and classes wherever taken.

Download logbook here: WabaLogbook

Requirements to be registered as a practitioner with WABA are listed below. Professionals will be able to transfer credits. Please e-mail for updates and answers to your questions.



Requirements for WATSU® PRACTITIONERS:

Completion of requirements from your state to be “licensed to touch” (RN’s, PT’s, PTAs, MT’s, OT’s, RT’s, Cottas, ATC’s, Professional Bodyworkers, Spiritual Advisors, etc.) as well as the 4 classes + other essentials outlined below

  1. WATSU® I (50 CE hours)
  2. WATSU® II (50 CE hours)
  3. An elective which can be 50 hours of any other authorized WABA courses (repeating WATSU® I, II or III is recommended) Click here for Audit Link
  4. Demonstrate mastery in an individually arranged session.  This is usually done by giving a session to a qualified assistant or instructor or by auditing Watsu II. This demonstration and/or tutelage may take from 1 to 8 hours depending on the student’s skill level. You can arrange to demonstrate mastery with Minakshi.
  5. 20 (one hour) recorded sessions giving, and 10 sessions received from professional WABA practitioners
  6. WATSU® III (50 CE hours)
  7. Current CPR certification
  8. Continuing Education as required by WABA. (Aquatic) Shiatsu would be your first continuing education course, if you do not have 100 hours of previous training.
  9. Students must be physically able to do the work and enter an above ground pool with the ladder provided.




There is a $50 fee to be added to the Registry as a Practitioner.  Those who wish may be listed to the public (and access postings for employment) for the rest of their first year at no additional cost.  This public listing can be renewed each year as long as continuing education requirements are met.


In Europe the minimum number of hours required to be listed on the Registry as a practitioner is 550.  This can be done by adding additional practice sessions or supervisions to the above program, or by completing the variant Watsu Italia Somaterapista program, or the IAKA Practitioner program.  Elements from these programs may be included in the hours required in America.  Periodically check the WABA web site for additional programs in Europe and other countries and for details and updates to the above.