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Watsu 1 Testimonials

03MarchW1GroupWebThere really is no way to explain the changes one has, learning to do Watsu. In my dreams and my meditation I feel the waves of love flowing from the heavens. I have never been in a state quite like this. The flood gates have opened for me. I just hope no one drowns in all this love and appreciation. Now off to find a pool. Thanks again. What makes this class unique is the support, not only from the water, but from the group and Minakshi. -Crystal Barrentine, Tallahassee, FL


Minakshi is very insightful and allows each student to find their own way with gentle guidance. This is a life-learning experience as well as about learning technique. I feel that I learned the material but also I learned some things about myself. Each person I came in contact with gave me something positive to bring home. This week apart from my husband has helped to bring us closer and part of this is due to my own personal growth. Thank you again for the Watsu session. My heart did, by the way, find peace. -Donna Pennington, Bluefield, VA

Minakshi is approachable, communicative, patient, helpful and inspiring. She has an open-mindedness that allowed me to find my own rhythm and style, guiding me instead of giving me the answer. -Susanne Truesdale, Melbourne, FL

Minakshi tended to the individual needs of the student’s very well. She was very flexible, working different learning styles into the program in ways that helped her without interfering with the learning of others. The integration of material taught on land and in the water was the most helpful. It all fit together well. -Michael Maslowski, Monroe, LA

Experiential, easy to learn the way the steps are broken up. Minakshi retains sensitivity and compassion. She took care of what I needed as a student and receiver. Wonderful, learned experientially, versus intellectually, with a book. Not pressured, so I learned the material. -Mary Wendell Lampton, Louisville, KY

Minakshi is very patient and knowledgeable. The information about body mechanics and the routine flowed well. I learned a lot because I was more relaxed here than at other workshops. – Yolanda E Franklin, Seabrook, TX

Watsu 2 Testimonials02FebW3CharlieDebbyWeb

Liked the small, intimate hands-on class. Especially enjoyed coloring the meridians. -Kristin Hovious Chicago, IL
Perfect amount of understandable material. Phenomenal to have experienced you. Enjoyed taking things nice and easy. (Lizy was auditing.) Wonderful to have individualized attention because of class size. -Lizabeth Gottsegen, NewYork, NY

Losing my husband after being married for 32 years… felt like my right arm had been ripped off.  Actually addressing a double whammy.  You are not supposed to lose your children [too].  The combination of being in the water, held and having my ENTIRE body moved helped bring awareness to my emotions.  There was a huge hole in me, a large abyss.  The WATSU helped to fill the hole.  Just like music, especially the blues, goes inside to heal, so does WATSU.  WATSU taught me to take care of myself, slow down, take a breath and look inward.  People have notice I have more mobility, without pain and range of motion.  Before my WATSU session, I was afraid.  Now I am ok with crying.  I am stronger.  It allowed me to be ok with having a breakdown which has been a necessary part of my healing. -Peggy

Watsu 3 Testimonials


I had a phenomenal Watsu 3 experience with Minakshi. At times I thought the material was perfectly clear, then Minakshi made it even clearer! She is indeed an asset to the trade, never leaving a creative stone unturned. My education has expanded with Watsu 3 not by threefold, but rather by a thousand-fold. Many graceful and grateful thanks for this, another life-changing experience, Minakshi, Supreme Water Goddess of the Universe! -Shari Aizenman, Scottdale, GA

Minakshi was very encouraging. She inspires me and challenges me. I love her clarity for fine detail. The small group of us made for a rich investigative approach. I appreciated the flexibility to explore other techniques and styles. In a session received from Minakshi I experienced a deep level of relaxation, almost a dream state. My only dilemma is how to get more! -Susan Prosser, Tulsa, OK

I appreciate the expertise, patience and commitment that Minakshi displays in her teaching. I fit well with her teaching style and I appreciate Minakshi’s delicate approach & presence. The access to videos was helpful. -Deb Evangelista, Ward, CO

Liked the one to one attention and attention to detail. -Charlie Korda, London, England