Watsu I, II and III



Minakshi with Harold Dull

This is the full first level of WATSU that includes the sixteen hour Basic course and expands upon it, educating participants in WATSU®’s Tai Chi-like basic moves and positions. By staying grounded and connected with the breath, you learn to let the water do the work. In its continual return to the Water Breath Dance, participants find the stillness that is the ground of presence. At this stage the basic moves and positions are connected with long gracefully flowing transitions. At all levels students learn about body mechanics – how to take care of themselves while supporting and moving others as effortlessly as possible in the water. On land we introduce Shiatsu and explore and share what being held means. (There are no pre-requisites.)


W2The course offers expansion of basic movements, specific Shiatsu points and introduces additional techniques. Students learn additional moves and bodywork in each position and how to incorporate them and other
moves, as needed. You
will learn about the meridians & points in WATSU® and explore following a client’s tendency to move as well as creatively exploring your own movements. Practicing the pointwork, the lifts and stretches introduced at this stage helps develop the ability to explore and play with energy. It is recommended that you practice giving many sessions, as well as receiving them, before going on to WATSU® III or another form. (WATSU® I is a pre-requisite.)

WATSU® III (Free Flow)

W3Open to students who have successfully completed WATSU® II and have given enough sessions to be relaxed and comfortable with their technique and sequence. It is a pre-requisite of this course that the above mastery be demonstrated (see special offers). At WATSU III you develop an intuitive awareness of how to be with another person in the water and further adapt and explore outside the form of WATSU® II. Additional powerful stretches and advanced techniques will be taught. Students expand their WATSU® vocabulary, enhance spontaneous creativity and develop their own personal style. (WATSU® II is a pre-requisite.)

A pre-requisite to Watsu III is to “DEMONSTRATE MASTERY” of the Watsu II material.
This is usually done by giving a session to a qualified assistant or instructor or by auditing Watsu II.

The fee for the demonstration of mastery is dependent upon the instructor’s hourly rate.  This demonstration and/or tutelage may take from 1 to 8 hours, depending on the student’s skill level.  Email me at minakshiwatsu@comcast.net to arrange to demonstrate your mastery of Watsu.

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