Watsu Basic

WATSU® Basic
(16 Hour Weekend)     WatsuBasic  

The introductory course includes four hours classroom time, covering the origins of WATSU, its therapeutic applications, and general benefits and contraindications. The remaining twelve hours are spent in the water studying the correct body mechanics which allow the practitioner to work effortlessly while always supporting the receiver, followed by basic positions, stretching and transitions which form the core of any WATSU session.

In this course you learn a progression of moves that you can share with your family and friends. Sharing it can become a practice in which you find yourself deepening your connection with others. Each time you repeat the progression you start with the Waterbreath Dance, in which you learn to stay in the emptiness at the bottom of the breath until the breathing of the one in your arms draws you up out of it. You then learn to move to the rhythm of that breath you now share, building up into a faster move that stopping, takes you beyond the breath into a stillness where you can connect to whatever movement within the one you float has been activated. In that same stillness, floating someone at your heart, you can access whatever rises up from your heart out your arms under them. Wherever it comes from, the more you access, together the movement from within, the more it leads you into a continuum through the changes of the position of your arm in what is called Explore Flow. Then the return to the breath takes you back to the other side. Besides a deepening of connection, this practice can lead into more flow in your life outside the pool.  Besides being complete in itself, this progression, which is done on both sides, is the first third of what is taught in the new Watsu 1.

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