Energetic Aquatic Shiatsu Yoga (E.A.S.Y.)

Energetic Aquatic ShiatsuYoga E.A.S.Y.®  is an introductory week-end class (16 hours)

Energetic Aquatic Shiatsu Yoga is based on a combination of Ai Chi, Shiatsu and Yoga.Shiatsu, a Japanese healing art, is based on the principal that the body can heal itself and overcome specific challenges to the body and mind. It enables anyone to maximize health through the use of healing touch on particular acupressure points and conscious, gentle (Yin) yoga stretches along your body’s meridians. It is very important to practice EASY for 30 minutes to 45 minutes daily to create balance in your body and mind. However, it is also beneficial to practice EASY as a 5 to 10 minute warm down after an active (Yang) workout. You will feel peaceful (Yin) energy flowing through your entire body.


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