Testimonials – Fire and Water

Fire and Water Testimonials


02FebFW1SusanneTedWebShinzo is quite a unique person. I find he is able to engage a student and get them involved in what they are studying rather than being an observer. I am amazed at how much information was passed onto our class during one week’s time. This is a very valuable class and I would recommend it to anyone. Shinzo is one of a kind. -Ted Winfield, Shelburne, VT

I like the small, intimate classes. I found Minakshi to be very gracious in extending her home to the group. She has a true talent in helping her students download a tremendous amount of information in a short amount of time. I feel the combination of Minakshi and Shinzo is very unique and the Fire and Water course is exceptional in its information and use in the water.-Nancy Herman Shelburne, VT

I like the location, instructor, class size and everything else, especially the integration of the material with free flow. – Dr. Robert McKay, Bristol, TN

Most valuable was looking at different and inventive positions in which to locate meridian stretches. – Charlie Korda, London, England

This should be the introductory course. It contextualizes the work, provides simple movements and allows for awareness of footwork. All material was covered in an enjoyable manner that allowed time to flow. The most valuable was repeating the stretches from land and integrating them in the water along with the exploration time to find flow. – Adam Weller, Kirland, WA

Minakshi is like the water, always supporting us, allowing free expression of ourselves, while at the same time imparting deep wisdom. Finally, I had the pleasure to experience the fiery energy of a Shinzo class. It was worth the wait. It was truly dynamic. – Jim Orsi, Terrazas de Bel Air, Spain

This is by far the best workshop (4 students, 2 instructors). Minakshi is always prepared, presenting information very clearly and giving me a sense of what is important for me to grasp. Ready to help me, but gently lets me figure it out!! even when I think I cannot! WOW! For this course, Minakshi is half the reason that I am here. She works so beautifully with Shinzo….never competing or conflicting, always complimenting the course work. This is as important as the information given. Shinzo is extremely knowledgeable but not overwhelming. (This type of information is usually overwhelming to me.) I now truly understand the essence of the information, not the definitions, as I am accustomed. The easy flow of information saves the students from feeling intimidated. – Mary Malamisura, Bluefield, WV

Every aquatic Bodyworker should take Fire and Water. Having Shinzo and Minakshi teaching together is extremely powerful. The location is Absolutly magnificent living and learning with direct connection with nature.